Furniture Restoration and Service Repair Functional Map

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All furniture occupations:

  Area   Function   Ref   NOS
  Health, Safety and Environment   Comply with health, safety and environmental requirements, relevant statutory regulations and industry standards/codes of practice at all times.  Knowledge and understanding of the relevant health, safety and environmental requirements and regulations. Understand sustainability within the industry.   PROGEN20   Comply with health and safety requirements in the workplace
  Maintain Tools & Equipment    Perform regular autonomous maintenance tasks on machinery, tools and equipment used.   PROGEN08   Maintain tools and equipment 
  Problem Solving    Identify issues quickly, solve problems and apply appropriate solutions.    PROGEN18   Solve problems in the workplace
  Achieve quality and output targets    Carry out work to required quality standards and output targets. High attention to detail, must monitor and check work meets specifications and must follow methodology and processes.  Know the quality standards which apply to the products and how to check that these have been met.  Read and interpret specifications, drawings, cutting lists and other relevant technical information used within your organisation.   PROGEN19   Maintain quality standards 
  Collaboration & Adaptability   Work effectively with others in a team whilst maintaining effective professional working relationships.  Actively engage in wider business and look to provide information that positively contributes to the business.  Willing to both listen and learn and to accept changing priorities and working requirements.   PROFM25   Work effectively in a team

Furniture Restoration 

Furniture restorers are involved in the conservation and restoration of antique and modern furniture by using practical and scientific restoration techniques.  
  Area   Function   REF   NOS 
Preparation Customer Service    Agree the requirements, scope of the work and the budget with the customer.  Set expectations with the customer.    PROFRR11   Agree restoration requirements with customers
Assessment    Assess items of furniture for repair in order to produce a condition and options report.     PROFRR4   Assess items of furniture for repair
Requirements   Evaluate and specify restoration requirements.  Develop a plan for the restoration work.    PROFRR3   Evaluate and specify restoration requirements
Research    Carry out research to understand the history of furniture and the different periods.   PROFRR2   Collect and research information to support furniture restoration and repair commissions
Restoration Repair & Restore    Repair structural components.  Replicate and restore components.    PROFRR12   Repair and restore furniture
Basic Finishing    Prepare existing and newly restored surfaces and finish furniture using basic finishing methods.   PROFRR13   Finish furniture using basic methods
Finishing Reporting    Write a report on the work that has been carried out to include sketches and photographs of the process.    PROFRR14   Produce restoration reports
Recommendations    Provide the customer with relevant aftercare and instructions and recommendations for future use and handling.    PROFRR15   Provide customers with recommendations
Specialist Decorative Effects    Re- create decorative effects on furniture.   PROFF11   Re- create decorative effects on furniture
Re-upholstery    Reupholster structural and decorative elements of furniture.  Ensure you use appropriate fabrics.    PROFRR16   Re-upholster furniture
French Polishing    French polish furniture using traditional methods to a glass finish.   PROFRR17   French polish furniture

Service Repair

Modern Furniture Service Repairers fix a wide range of problems, including damage to furniture, upholstery, beds, mattresses, mechanisms and fittings.  They visit customers’ premises to inspect items, assess requirements and carry out repairs.
  Area   Function   REF   NOS 
Preparation Assessment    Carry out an assessment of the fault.  Assess and specify requirements for work to be carried out and agree with customers.   PROFRR18   Assess and specify repair requirements
Customer Service   Develop customer relationships.  This includes building customer confidence in the level of service provided, meeting the ongoing needs and expectations of customers and developing relationships between customers and your organisation.   PROFRR19   Develop customer relationships
Repair Upholstery   Repair upholstery faults including fabrics, frames, fillings, stitching, scratches, scuffs, tears, holes, seam issues, discolouration and colour loss, arms, collapsed surfaces and springs.   PROFRR20   Repair upholstery faults
Furniture    Repair furniture faults including cosmetic, structural, veneers, foil and laminated surfaces.    PROFRR21   Repair furniture faults
Beds and mattresses   Repair beds and mattress faults including broken frames, replacing tufts, damaged stitching and mattress settlement.    PROFRR22   Repair beds and mattress faults
Flat pack    Repair flat pack furniture faults including cosmetic and structural.    PROFRR23   Repair flat pack furniture faults
Mechanisms and fittings    Repair/replace mechanism and fittings faults including lifting mechanisms, recliners and electrical components,    PROFRR24   Repair/replace mechanism and fittings faults
Leather repairs    Repair scuffs, scratches, stains, burn marks, water marks and discolouration in leather.     PROFRR25   Repair leather faults
Sign off Recommendations    Provide customers with relevant aftercare and instructions and recommendations for future use.    PROFRR26   Provide customers with recommendations
Report   Complete reports on the work carried out.