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Furniture Restoration and Service Repair National Occupational Standards

Like many companies, you may be suffering skill gaps or find that even qualified recruits lack the up-to-date knowledge you need.

This is your invitation to be part of the solution.

We are currently reviewing National Occupational Standards for Furniture Restoration and Service Repair. The Standards aim to set out industry agreed benchmarks for expected job performance and support a number of key roles in the industry, detailing the specific knowledge and skills necessary to do the job well.

They are the bedrock of qualification design and training and learning content for these roles - including Apprenticeships - and we now welcome input from industry businesses like yours to make sure they fully reflect your needs.

Having your say is easy - just follow the links.

In the first step you will see an overview of the areas we are covering in what is called a Functional Map. Let us know if you are happy with this or leave a comment if anything is missing.

In the second step you will see a set of standards. Just follow the links in to the areas that are relevant to you and your business. There are two types of draft standards. Some are new ones that we have just developed. You will be able to comment on these line by line. Others are existing standards that are already used in the wider sector. Because we cannot change the detail in these you will just be asked whether or not you are happy with these standards as a whole and that they are relevant to the industry.

Every comment is valuable. Thank you very much for taking part. Please complete all the following short questions to help us put your views in context.


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